Child’s Play


Kate Baker Architectural Commission

Kate Baker 'Child's Play' Architectural Glass Commission Full View

Kate Baker Architectual Commission Detail

Kate Baker 'Child's Play' Architectual Commission Detail


‘Childhood can be a time of reckoning, filled with narratives both real and imagined.

A space where the truth felt solid yet fluid, and we were at once both the witness and the witnessed.’

Kate Baker 2014


‘Child’s Play 2014’ is a site-specific installation work designed and created with the final architectural environment in mind.

The triptych consists of three large-scale glass panels which have been created using a UV Flatbed to digitally print layered imagery within the glass. Some of the imagery is then also acid etched onto the surface of the panels, creating a photo negative and layered element to the work.

The work explores ideas of childhood and memory. A time when ones sense of vulnerability as well as responsibility are at their peak, colliding in ways both complex and lasting.





Posted on 14 March, 2015 by kate